Privacy Policy
Howdy! I'm Luke and I like to build things. I get really inspired by a the work of many others out there, so I started this site to share some of my own creations.

My interests are constantly evolving, but these days I mostly enjoy woodworking, CNC machining, digital design, maps, hiking, and code. The projects I take on typically combine one or more of these with the general goal being to bridge traditional gaps between technology, art, fabrication, etc. Some are started out of necessity while others are just to test the boundaries of what I can do.

Most of any of the skills and wisdom I possess can be attributed to some of the great teachers and mentors I have had along the way.  Realizing that these lessons are only made possible by the selflessness and openness of someone else has inspired me to try and do the same with my work. I enjoy sharing what I have learned with others, and hope that the content here will help you along your own journey to create.

site author standing at canyon overlook