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closeup of freshly marinated jerky slices on drying tray

tablespoon-full of smoked paprika being added to coffee jerky dry rub

closeup of coffee jerky dry rub

Nearly a year to the day that I first shared my jerky recipe with the world, I am back again with some new flavors and techniques. This time around I have set out to combine two things that I really love: coffee and jerky. What could possibly go wrong with that combo?

This recipe is intended to be used in place of the marinade section of my original jerky recipe.

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Thoughts & Feedback

The dry-rub technique (on jerky) is something new to me, and I hope to experiment with it more. I think that it has some real potential for use in other cooking as well. I have already tried it on steak and I think that maybe some pork chops or a tenderloin are in my near future. It's not really that overpowering, but it just has a different edge, a richness, that is interesting and cool.

While they were are all a bit skeptical at first, so far my friends have really enjoyed this flavor. The community at Instructables seems to like it too, as they have voted it in as a finalist in the 2016 Snack contest!