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delaunay triangulation pattern with mosaic fill color - shades of blue/green

screenshot of filling Delaunay triangles using the fill tool in Inkscape 0.91

Concat Lab text with Delaunay triangulation fill colors

screenshot of color palettes listed on
I have a real appreciation for math-based artwork, and will take any excuse to try a new technique out. In this Instructable I demonstrate my method for creating mosaic patterns using Delaunay triangulations in Inkscape.

I chose to go down this road mostly out of curiosity, but also to make better use of Delaunay's method, which was only briefly mentioned in the Hand-Drawn Voronoi Diagrams tutorial. Mr. Delaunay gets the full spotlight this time and the results are fantastic!

This Instructable also includes the third video posted to my YouTube channel as well as the third original track I have released.