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After months of teasing and speculation, I finally went for it. That's right, the YouTube channel is live. Let's talk about it...

What can I expect to see?

The main subject of my channel (at least initially) will be summary videos, or "build-logs," of each of the projects I complete. Like many of the other summary videos you see throughout the web, these will typically be clipped and sped up to fit the entire project into a shorter timeframe. My intent is that these will help further document my projects, enhance the content of my Instructables, give me an excuse to try video editing, and serve as a sort of time capsule for me to look back on.

Obviously, I have a lot to discover yet in terms of style. I will say that I enjoy odd camera angles, different perspectives, and sweeping timelapses (thanks House of Cards). Whatever that amounts to we will find out soon enough.

Of course, this is ConcatLab, so anything is possible. Don't be surprised if a few other shorts and fun stuff find their way in as well.

What is that awful racket?

Music is a huge part of films and I have an extensive library that I would love to include in my own. However, the twisted world of copyright laws and other legal mumbo-jumbo make that a difficult task. Luckily, I know a guy. Me.

All the videos I release will feature sounds that I have made myself over the past few years. Fair warning, they are probably terrible. But I figured why not? It could be fun. Plus, once I run out of inventory, I will just have to make some more; something I have neglected as of late.

Worst come to worst --- either I run out or everyone hates it --- I suppose I'll just dig into the free, stock YouTube music. Lame. Hopefully not.

Why should I subscribe?

Because you love me, of course. All of the above may sound scatter-brained and random, but I think that is why you should follow my channel. What will he try next week? What ear-splitting noise will be in the next score? Will the project work out? I've given it some thought and video may be the purest format in which to share my experiences. You'll see things come to life, see them fail, see the effort, the struggles, and the victories in ways that I simply cannot put into words here.

So subscribe. Let's do this.

Where can I find it?

Go here or click on the fancy new YouTube button on the main menu of this blog.