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closeup of drill with sawdust

paintbrush applying dark green paint to the edge of a 2x4

miter saw preparing to cut a 2x4

unpainted 2x4 wave coffee table during test fitting

completed 2x4 wave coffee table in front of a couch

I finally got around to editing all of the footage from the 2x4 Wave Coffee Table project I posted last month. My original intent was to post it in the Instructable I wrote for the project, but that just didn't happen. Weak sauce. Even though it did not make the original cut, I went ahead and added it for posterity.

Behind The Scenes

This is video #2 on my spankin' new YouTube channel, so I'm still figuring out this whole editing gig. For the most part I think it went well. All-in, there was nearly 4 hours of video, so I am pretty impressed that I was able to crunch it down to under 6 minutes. If only the actual project had taken that long...

That droning noise in the background is another one of my sick beats. This is one of my favorites because of all of the sweet filter automation effects I tossed in. Right around 1:58 is where they really get wild.

I won't spend any time discussing the project itself since you can read more than you will ever want to know here. So, get to work solving trig problems and making tables, or go subscribe to my YouTube channel so you don't miss the next video.