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animation of different color resin cast coasters
closeup of array of resin cast coasters

Somewhat out of the blue I became obsessed with molds and resin casting. These coasters were my first foray onto this dark and winding road. They are probably one of the cooler things I have made so far and to say I have been very happy with the results is an understatement.

Because they were the first attempt, some bumps and roadblocks were encountered. On cast #2 I got slightly overzealous and tore my mold when I removed the casting. Disappointed but undeterred, I was able to carefully lay the torn section back in and keep casting. Surprisingly, the torn mold lasted for about 20 coasters!

I learned a lot in the process and really got my casting operation dialed in. Now I truly have a fever, and the only cure is more (cowbell) coasters.