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array of resin cast mazes coasters
closeup of blue and white resin cast maze coaster
closeup of array of resin cast maze coaster
closeup of blue white and black resin cast maze coaster
In my early explorations of Ponoko, one of my favorite concepts was a circular maze that I generated and put on a coaster. Looking to change it up a bit after the More Cowbell and How Bout No coasters, I decided a resin cast maze was in the works.

I ended up having to simplify my original concept. It was just too detailed to cut on my CNC router and I needed to be sure that my inlays were actually large enough to accept resin. I cut my blank out of Lexan, poured the mold, and hoped for the best.

I was apprehensive of the detailed ridges in the mold. I thought that surely they would rip off and cause problems during de-molding. So far I have been very wrong! The flexible mold material performs great, and the small ridges actually help make it easier to remove the casting.

This time I really pushed the envelope on colors by doing a multi-pour, multi-color coaster base. I was very pleased with the end result and hope to incorporate this style into a lot more designs in the future.

So far the worst part of these has been filling all of the inlays in the pour. It literally becomes a maze and there is always an element of uncertainty as you watch the resin flow and hope it fills everything. Inevitably a lot of resin gets wasted and I end up doing some extra sanding...