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Hello! Welcome to ConcatLab! This site is intended to be the place where all my crazy ideas, strange hobbies, and general insanity come together.

What is ConcatLab?

Sorry, this is not a blog about cats with questionable morals doing experiments in their basement. Maybe it should be, but for now it's a bit more complicated. I chose the name ConcatLab for a couple reasons:

1. I tend to be rather random and the things I make are usually a mash-up of many different ideas or methods. To concatenate, as it applies to programming, means combining several potentially dissimilar items into a single string. In this spirit, I feel that my designs are concatenations of my skills and interests: mapping, CNC, programming, graphic design, music, etc.

2. I have always jokingly referred to my man cave/makerspace/whatever as "The Lab." While I never sought any deeper meaning in choosing the name, it has really come to be a laboratory of sorts --- experimentation is encouraged, everything is fair game, and results may vary. This is the general approach I hope to take to this blog. Put it all out there, try some things, and see what happens.

What to Expect

I'll start out by compiling some of my past projects and shift towards more of a live documentation of things I am working on as they come up.

I feel that I owe a lot to the DIY community in getting this far so I want to make it a priority to give back as much as I can. Instructables, in particular, is a place that I want to continue to support, so I will continue posting projects there and link to them from here. For quick or open-ended stuff that doesn't necessarily warrant a full Instructable, I plan to just post it here.

If the demand is there then I hope to sell some of the items I make online. Right now I am thinking that Etsy or the Ponoko store would be the most logical choices but we will see. It would be awesome to have some funding to help keep these projects going!

Power to the People

I am open to suggestions or inquiries for custom work! You can reach out to me using the info provided on the Contacts page. Or if you'd just like to chat then hit me up on any of the social channels listed on this page.